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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Indexed By Topic

1899, in Hopkinsville
Adams, Tennessee
Advertising and Marketing Propaganda
Africa, mission work. Two Ways To Kill An Elephant
Ageing, memories of one's past
Agriculture in Christian County
AIDS, The Scourge of God
Aircraft Carriers
Airforce Experiences
Airships by Frank Rives, May 1905
Alexander the Great
American Council of Young Political Leaders
Ammendment, The Fourteenth and Corporations in the Late Nineteenth Century
Anderson, Robert T.
Antarctic, A Land Of Superlatives
Anthropomorphism, Oct 2005
April Fools Day
Archaeology, local Mississipian
Arkansas Travelers
Arms, The Right to Bear
Army Brat, Versus Growing Up In A Small Town
Arnold, Benedict: Traitor
Arnold, Benedict, Saviour of the American Revolution
Arthur, King
Artificfial Intelligence, or Thinking About Thinking
Assassination, of John F. Kennedy
Athenaeum, A Cenenniel History of the Hopkinsville Society
Athenaeum, How To Or Not To Present Your First Paper At
Athenaeum, A Look Back
Athenaeum Movement
Athenaeum Ramblings
Athenaeum Society of Hopkinsville, KY, as Seen Through Its Minutes
Athenaeum Society, Is It Living Up to Its Name?
Athenaeum, Suggestions for Change
Athens, travel tale
Athlete, Student , Big Time College Sports and the
Atomic Bomb, making at Oak Ridge
Atomic Bomb, Truman and the
Atticus, [When he} came to Hopkinsville
Austin Peay State University
Automobile Age, Some Ramblings About The
Automobile, A Fresh Look At The Automobile
Automotive Names
Autonomi Nervous System, voluntary control over
Balkan Penninsula, 1815-1914: An Explosive Situation
Banking, Regulation Strangling the Industry
Banking, And Technology
Barbeque, The History, Tradition, & Techniques of Barbeque
Basketball, Hopkinsville team of 1968-1969
Bassett, Dr. Frank H.
Beatles In Search of the Real Fifth Beatle
Beech Bend Park
Beekeeping: A Personal Account
Beer Run
Berg, Morris "Moe"
Bicentenniel Monologue
Bicyclist, Marshall Walter Taylor
Big Bang
Bill of Rights
"Bird Cage"
Bisbee's Comedians
Bizarre, Happenings of Christian County
Black Dahlia
"Black Hawk" Division in World War II
Black Muslims, In Search Of History
Bloodsport, ban in Britain
Bloopers by students
Bloopers in general
Blues, Robt Johnson, King of Mississippi Delta

Bonds, Mortgage (Crash of)
Books, Brains, & Brotherhood by Prof Edmund Harrison, May 1905
Booth, John Wilkes, The Flight of John Wilkes Booth
Brain, The Triune
Brer Rabbit, The Dark Side of
Bridges, Covered
Bristow, Benjamin Hale
Bryant, Paul "Bear"
Bureaucracy, The Answer To All Our Problems
Burkhart, Melvin -- Is Dead
Burma Shave Signs
Butler, Benjamin Franklin, Civil War General
Caller ID and the right to privacy
Cajun or Creole: The Fascinating People and Culture of French Louisiana
Capital Punishment
Capitalism [The System Revisited] [Adam Smith]
Carrie Nation, Kentucky Temperance Crusader
Cartwright, Peter --- itinerant preacher
Cayce, An Edgar Cayce Sampler
Chamberlain, Wilt
Cheese?, who moved my
Cherokees, as related to the founding of Kentucky
Chestnut Tree
Chewing Gum, Does Your - Lose Its Flavor (On the BedpostOvernight)?
Chickens, Racing
Chickens, raising & racing, Do-Dah, Do-Dah
China, A Look At
China Sea, Conflict in the South
China's New Open Door
China, comparing their legal system to ours
Christian County
Christian County, history
Christian Political: Initiative or Apathy?
Christmas Carol, A
Christmas, Church Hill
Christmas Stories
Churchill, John and Winston
Civil War, synopsis
Civil War, from Calloway County viewpoint
Civil War from Hopkinsville viewpoint
Civil War, in Kentucky
Civil War, last battle of
Civil War, Shang's War
Civil War, An Unreconstructed Rebel's Sad Lament
Civil War, An Uncivil War & How It Changed The Lives Of 3 Families and History
Clan, A Short Study Of The System
Clay, Cassius M.
Clay, Henry,The Great Compromiser
Cloning --- A Way Of Life
Club: after the Club by Thomas C. Underwood, May 1905
Coal - - - Peabody company
Coal, Kenvir (Warms the South Pole)
Coal Towns (Benham and Lynch, KY)
Coca Cola, 100 Plus Years of
CoffeeNot Your Average Joe
Coins: The 1922 St. Gaudens' Double Eagle, A Saga
Coindicence, Does God Play Dice With The Universe?
Columbian Exposition 1893
Comic Books
Comic Strips
Common Sense, and the law
Commission, Trilateral
Communication (A Modern Tower of Babel)
Communication, in the late 20th century
Communication, in age of social media
Communication, Nonverbal
Community Colleges, Necessary?
Congo, the
Conservatism, Vox Clamantis 1970
Cook, Bobby
Coral Sea, The Battle Of The
Country Music
Court System, The New Kentucky
Cowboy, Heros
Cowboy, motion pictures
Cowpens, Battle of, Big Dan Versus Bloody Ban
{Credit Economy]
Crime, The Cost Of Is High
de Crevecouer, Hector St. John
Crime, The Economics of
Criminal Responsibility
Criminal Justice
Criminal Prosecution, Confessions of a Former Sherlock Holmes Addict
Criticism, of Athenaeum, procedures, papers
Critique, An Impersonal and Objective of the 1982-1983 Season of the Athenaeum Society
Cruise Liner, the Norway
Cubs baseball team
Cycles, natural
Czolgosz, Leon
Dan in Israel, archaeology of (14th season)
Dauntless, The Redoubtable
Dead Sea Scrolls, The
Declaration of Independence, The Signers
DeHavilland Mosquito, the airplane
Democracy, A Look Backward: Democracy In America
Democracy, fall of
Desert Shield, Operation
Detective Stories
Dewey, Thomas  Why There Is No President Dewey
Dialectic, Some Thoughts On The
Dickins, Charles (A Christmas Carol)
Dining, the ideal dinner group
Diplomacy, On the Methods of
Disadvantology, The Disadvantaged Groups of America & How to Redress All Their Grievances
Dog, eulogy to
Dogs, presidential
Dollar General Stores
Double Eagle: The 1922 St. Gaudens' Double Eagle, A Saga
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Drones, It Didn't Start With Amazon
Drones Droning On And On
Drug Courts
Drugs, Performance-Enhancing
Duck Hunting, Sorry Tales from the Duck Blind
Duck Stamps
DUI, Kentucky's Law: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?
Earthquakes, New Madrid of 1811-1812
Eclipse, Solar The Great American Solar Eclipse
Economy, KY, Where We Are And Where Are We Going
Economic Policy, Federal (The Road to Ruin)
Economic Policy, World (A Dream For Total World Prosperity)
Education, Dilemma In
Education, problems with our system
Education, suggestions for improvements
Eiffel Tower
Elvis And Nixon
Election: Gregory vs Stubblefield, 1958
Emergency Operations Center
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Endorphin, Altered States, The Impact of the Hormone Beta-Endorphin
Energy, Mind-Body
Energy, And The Future Of Man
Energy needs
England, Where Nothing Is What It Appears To Be
English Language
English: A Self-Imposedv Trade Barrier?
English Language  (How Our Native Tongue Has Slipped or The English Languish)
English Language, The Decline And Fall Of The
Epitaphs, humerous
Erehwon Principle or What Happens When Sin Becomes Sickness And Sickness Becomes Sin
Erewhon, reprise
Ethics, in Business or Business Ethics?
Ethics, Some Approaches to
Evolution, Human & An Aging Society
Evolution, Science Fiction Or Fact?
Exercise, In Futility
Extrasensory Perception - Fact or Fiction
Extraterrestrial Life
Extraterrestrial Life, Is There Life On Other Worlds?
False Teeth, Her Heart Was True, But, Alas, Her Teeth Were False
Fantasy Sports
Fat, Finding A Solution To The Energy Problem
FBI, A History
Federal Deficit
Federalist Paper, A Contemporary
Feud, A Western Ky Feud
Fiction, of the 50s
Firefighting, in Hopkinsville
Flood of 1937
Flood, Johnstown
Flying Doctors
Football, Charlie Bradshaw's Thin Thirty
Football, at Belmont School
Football, at Evarts High
Ford, Henry : His Life And Times
Forrest, Nathan Bedford
Freedom, immigration
Frogs (And Toads)
French Resistance?, Would You Have Had The Courage To Join The
Ft. Campbell, KY
Ft. Campbell, The Naming of
Funeral Customs, Victorian
Gaither, Joseph Gant M.D.
Games, (board games)
Garage Sales Are Amazing Things
Gardening, flowers at Chartwell & Girerny
Garryowen, a military regiment
Gasoline taxes
Gates, Bill
Generations, From the Naughty Nineties to Generation X
Genetic Engineering, Some Background for
Genetics of Health
Geneva Convention and Warfare
Genius, rearing a
Gentry, Peter, Ink In His Blood
Georgia [Republic of]
Germany, postwar
Getty Oil, Battle for
Glacier Girl, frozen airplane
Gobleki Tepe
Golden Age, Or Was It?
Golden Gate Bridge
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Opera)
Gold Rush (Part 2), Dec 2004
Good Judgment Project, world forecasting
Grange, Christian County, Ky.
Grizzard, Lewis
Grizzard, Lewis Jr.
Grocery Store, The Demise of the Neighborhood
Guitar, Classical
Gun Control, In Defense of the Second Ammendment of the Constitution of the United States
Gun Control, the Second Ammendment and
Hamilton, Alexander's Feud & Duel with Aaron Burr, Jr.
Happiness, The Pursuit of
Harlan County, KY, King's Study of the Settlers & the Land of
Harpending, Asbury, A Pennyrile Native Numbered Among the Founders of San Francisco
Harpending, Asbury, His story
Heart of Darkness [Conrad]
Hellfighters, The Harlem 369th Infantry Regiment
Hell's Angels
Hemingstein, Chasing Young
High School, Some Glimpses of the Class of 1962 of Elgin High School
Historical Significance
History, local
Hog Killing, Meat on the Table, The Old Fashioned Way
Hog Killing
Holloway, Louise, RN (On Not Over the Hill)
Holmes, Sherlock
Hollywood, History
Hollywood History, Wyatt Erp
Honeymooning, in a Quaint Mississippi Town
Hopkinsville Landmarks: Homes Built Between 1900-1930
Hopkinsville Community College
Hopkinsville, reflections
Hopkinsville, Our Town
Hopkinsville, the Dark Side of
Hoptown, The Connection
Horowitz, David From Communism To Conservatism
Horses, wild
Horse Racing, Flying Ebony: A Sprig of the Old Pennyrile
Hotels (Where Did Y'all Stay?)
Houdini, Harry
House, my, Marshall Butler's
Housing, A Public Welfare Review Of HUD And PHA
How To Or Not To Present Your First Paper At Athenaeum
Hubbard, Harlan
Huffines, Hugh Lawson alias the Slicker Snake
Humor, as an Ego Defense Mechanism
Humor, Jokes
This Again, student bloopers
Hunting, The Last Trip
Hydraulic Motors
Idaho, Gone With The Trend
Immigrants (building railroads)
Income tax
Indianola, TX
Inflation, Correcting
Iran, hostage rescue attempt
Intelligence, animal
International Relations
Internet (security), SETEC Astronomy
Ireland, the conflict
Jackson, Andrew (Who Was This Man?)
James Bond, The Real
Japan: Our Major Competitor
Japan, competition from (Heat From An Oriental Sunrise)
Jefferson, Thomas, The Political And Philosophical Relationship Of And James Madison
Jefferson, Thomas (religious beliefs)
Jekyl, Dr. J and Mr. Hyde's Triune Brain
Jell-O Everyone
Jesus, trial of
Jews in Hopkinsville
Jobs, Preparing Your Family To Survive In The Coming Economy
Jobs, Steve
Johnson, Andrew, The Most Unfortunate President in American History
Jokes, see Humor
Judges, selection of
Judgment, good, improving your
Justice Center
Kamikaze, Divine Wind
Kant, Immanuel, A Precis of Kant and his Thinking
Keillor, Garrison , and a Prairie Home Companion
Kelly Little Green Men
Kentucky, The Erroneous South Boundary Of
Kentucky, its founding related to the Cherokees
Kentucky, Governors 1792-1859
Kentucky, Governors 1859-1911
Kentucky Governors, Part 3
Kentucky, Southern Border With Tennessee
Kentucky Trivia
Kingston Power Plant Ash Spill
Kitty League, Characters of the
Know-Nothing Party in Kentucky
Language, Jan 2013
Latham, John C., Sept 2007
Latham, John C. , Nov 1981
Latham, John C., Jr., Steal the Confederate Gold? 2001
Law, American & The Native American Experience
Leadership, Twenty-First Century
Lee, Harper, 2007
Lee, Robert E. : The Epitome of a Southern Gentleman
Leningrad : A Video Journal
Lewis, C. S.
Lewis and Clark
Lewis & Clark, The Corps of Discovery: Expedition 1803-1806
Lewis And Clark
Lighthouses, of North Carolina
Life, reflections on the end of
Lincoln, The Assassination of President Abraham
Lincoln, Abe --- Ford Theater Assasination
Lincoln, Great Emancipator or Great Politician?
Lincoln, Rehabilitating Mrs. A. Lincoln
Liquor and the Law
Literacy (Western Kentuckians)
Literature, Attempts to understand certain types
Livestock, diseases from
Lock E
Longevity, The Game of Life-Style and
Lynching, almost . . . in Murray, KY
Madison, James, The Political And Philosophical Relationship Of and , Thomas Jefferson
Main Street, Twentieth Century
Man: When A Man's Single, John Stites, May 1905
Mathematics, Magical Arrays, With Varied Algorithms For Their Construction
McKinley, assassination attempt
Man Is The Measure
Man, The Seven Ages Of
Marriages, Arranged
Marshall, George C
Masonry, An Overview of in Christian County, KY
Masters Golf Tournament
Massacre at Mountain Meadows
Mathematica, Beyond the Third "R"
Mathematics, Fibonacci, etc.
Mayors of Hopkinsville
McReynolds, James Clark
Medals, military
Media, Violence In The
Medical Breakthroughs, Summary and Outline
Medical cases
Medicine in Christian County
Medieval Life, Life In The Middle Ages And . . Explanation For Their End
Melville, part 1
Herman Melville, poet of the civil war, part 2
Memory, how to improve
Mexico, travel in
Michaelangelo, Sculptor
Military Spending
Millenial Event, The First
Millenium, Major Events of this
Miller, Miss Jane
Mississippi, Life On The
MIT Media Lab
Model T
Mona Lisa
Money, Gold and Money
Moon Rocks
Moral Intelligence
Morehead, Charles S., and the Know-Nothing Party in Kentucky
Mountain Men
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart: A Look At The Life Of A Miracle
Multiple Personality Disorder
Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome
Murder, a who-done-it performance
Music, The Composer's Muse
Music, Classical , The Exhilarating Effect of Upon Various People
Murray State University, nostalgia
Names, by Herndon
Names, of people
Names, of state places
Napolean his Art of War
Napoleanic War, Quatre Bras & Ligny
Natchez Trace
National Debt
National Security Agency
Near-Death Experiences, Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Negativism, Nattering Nabobs Of
Negro Airmen
Nepal, Land of Eternal Snows
New Madrid Quake of 1811
New Madrid Earthquake Zone
Newspaper, The Western Eagle
News-Stand, Trash on the
New York, A Worm In The Big Apple
Nike shoes
Nobel Peace Prize
Nose?, How Would You Feel Being Led Around By The
Nude Dancing
Oak Ridge,  making the Atomic Bomb
Old Age, learning in
Orient Express
Orphan Brigade
Osler, Sir William
Overpopulation, consequences of (Was Malthus A True Prophet?)
PAN-AM Clippers
Patagonia, To The Galapagos
Papers, given at Athenaeum
Peanuts (Comic Strip)
Peay, Austin, Tennessee Governor Native of Christian County, KY
Penal Code, Proposed Kentucky
Pen, The Point of a Good
Penal System, Morality and the Penal System in Eighteenth Century England
Peppers, hot (by Nash)
Peppers, hot
Perryville, Battle of
Peruna, etc.
Petroleum, reserves
Physics (Particle, Research For A Dummy)
Pilot Rock
Plastics, pollution by
Poems, assorted
Poetry reading, for one's voice
Poetry, types of
Politically Correct, era
Politics, Dirty - - - So What Else Is New?
Polomares, nuclear accident
Pope John
Postell, Peter An Unusual Man for His Time: The Life of Peter Postell
Poston, Theodore Roosevelt Augustus Major
Poverty, The Way Out, Feb 1973
Preservation, Historic At The Grass-Roots Level
Presidency: A Study of the Power
Presidential Elections. . . and so it goes
Presidential Papers: Public Or Private Property?
Presidents, Health of
Presidents, Leadership of
Presidents, quirks of
Press, responsibility of
Press, How to Meet
Press, Freedom of the
Prichard, Susan Iris
Printing, 3-D
Prison Escapes (from Eddyville)
Privacy, The Right Of (or The Right To Be Left Alone)
Propaganda (Advertising and Marketing Propaganda)
Psychoanalysis, The Death of
Psychology, Faculty P. and Modern Neuroscience
Public Service
Pueblo Indians
Quotation game
Rabbit Box
Radio, Ham, The Confessions of a Ham-a-holic
Railroad, where Hwy 117 is now
Railroads of my Memory
Ratification, of the constitution
Reality Television
Reconnaissance, Risk and Reward of
Reconstruction, Decisions of the Court: The Supreme Court and
Recording Technology, Is It Live Or Is It Memory?
Red Bird Mission
Remedies (Superstitions), Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever
Retirement, Thoughts For
Retirement, as I Have Experienced It
Revolution, The American 1760-1775
Rice, Willim Marsh (Rice University)
Ritchie Boys
Romance, Re-Called; Memory Relived
Romance, A Western: Consequences of a Jefferson Davis Decision
Rorie, Treman Garner : The War Years (1917-1945)
Route 66
Ruff, Grady (The County Is Christian . . and the Judge Is Ruff)
Russian Character
Satchel Page
Savings & Loans
Scatology, Words
Scatology, More Words
Schliemann and Troy
Scholarships College Athletic
Schools, local demographics
Schools, Non-Public: The Truth of the Matter
Schools, zones
Scopes Trial
SCUBA, (The Joy of Diving)
Segregation, in Alabama
Serendipity in Science
Seventh Street, East
Sex Education - The Time Is Now
Sexes, difference between
Shelter, Fallout
Sherman, Tecumseh
Shopping, Where Are You?
Shoreline Erosion,  By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea
Shortness, The Perils of Pint-Sized People
Shultz, Charles
Sidelines, A View from the
Sideshow, (Melvin Burkhart Is Dead)
Signs: A Treatise On The Use And Misuse Of An American Institution
Sixty Minutes, spouse abuse on
Slavery, Christian County's Distinctive Legacy
Slavery, Common Law in Kentucky
Slips of the Tomgue
Snuff, manufacture in Hopkinsville
Social Security Fraud
Sociopathy, Trust Bandits
Song of Solomon, The Hebrew Love Song
Songs, history of some famous
South Christian, Day In The Sun
Southall, Herman
Spa, The French
Space Exploration
Spacce Exploration Dare Mighty Things
Space Travel
Space Race, The New
Speech (A Modern Tower of Babel)
Speed (not the drug)
Spousal Abuse
Statistics, problems with
Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)
Street, Gabby: Hopkinsville's Initial Gift To Major League Baseball
Stud services
Success (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs)
Success, path to
Sunspots, Spots on the Sun by Prof H. Clay Smith, May 1905
Supreme Court, Two Kentuckians On The
Supreme Court and Reconstruction
Supreme Court, justice McReynolds of KY
Surgeon, A Day in The Life Of A
Tax Reform
Tax Shelters: Are They Necessary?
Television, social effects
Temperance, - Not An American Virtue
Terrorism, Domestic (Our War At Home)
Thompson, Hunter S. (An Evening With)
Thought, Some Thoughts About : The Invisible Horse
Time, A Search For
Time, What Is It?
Time Timeless, Schmimeless
Tobacco, U. S. Tobacco Co. and Related Topics
Tobacco Culture
Tobacco, smoking
Toys, invention of
Trail of Tears
Tragedy, What if we could change it?
Trains, the Last to Camden
Travel, in Europe
Travel, Impressions of a Passionate Traveler
Trial, [When Atticus came to Hopkinsville]
Trail of Tears
Tragedy, What if you could change it?
Transcendental Meditation
Travels, [professional travels]
Triticale, - The First Man-MadePlant Species Capable of Reproducing Itself in Kind
Troy, and Schliemann
Truman and the Bomb
Truth, great enemy of
Turner, Paul: autobiographical
TV Movies as Megateachers
TVA, The Socio-Economic Impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority
Twentieth Century (early), Western Kentucky during
Typing, One-Hand
Underwood, Robert Francis  GIT-TAR
Underwood, Thomas Cuthbert (Daily Jots column)
Unidentified Flying Objects
United Way, Thirty-Five Years of Service to Hopkinsville-Christian County
Universe, present state of science
Urban Legends, or No, There Are Not Any Giant Catfish At The Bottom Of KY Lake
Unseen: Things Unseen by George E. Gary, May 1905
USSR, Recognition of, The Long Crusade
USSR, The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
Utopian Thoiught: An Attempt to Find "The Good Life"
Vietnam (impact of photos)
Virginia, There Is A Santa Clause
Wagner, the Ring Cycle
Waiting, Dec 2011
Wal-Mart Shopping
Warfare, especially chemical
Warfare (importance of mobility)
Warren, Dr. Joseph
Warren, Robert Penn, The Homeland Heritage Of A Poet Laureate
Warren, Robert Penn
Warsaw 1944
Washoe, The Story Of
Water Witching, A Search For Treasure
Wealth, The Creation of
Weights, The History of Measures and
Welfare, Why Have We Spent So Much & Bought So Little?
Westerfield, Tom (excerpts from old papers as delivered by his son)
West, migration westward
Western Eagle, Hopkinsville newspaper
Wetlands, Restoring
Whiskey, The Remus-Volstead Reserve
Whiskey Tax
White Sulphur Springs
White Water Rafting
William, David: Sioux Indian actor
Wine Snobbery
Wirz, Henry
Women's Lib
Women's Lib, A Sequel
Women's Suffrage
Women, The Status of in History, Legend and Mythology
Words About Words
Work Ethic
World Order
World War II
World War II, in the Pacific
Wold War II, sole Japanese survivor
World War II, A Teenage Warrior in
World War II, Invsion of Italy
World Warb II, Memories of a Preteen on the Homefront
World Wide Web, The
Wrestling, professional
Yellow Rose of Texas, The Legend of the
Zambezi River