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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Indexed By Author

    Adams, James G.: Robert E. Lee: The Epitome of a Southern Gentleman, Mar 1985
    Adams, James G.: The Socio-Economic Impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Nov 1986
    Adams, James G.: GIT-TAR LESSONS or Lessons in the Key of Life, Mar 1989
    Adams, James G.: Azaleas, Magnolias, Dogwoods, and the Green Jacket: A Look at . . . the Masters Tournament, April 1991
    Adams, James G.: The County Is Christian . . and the Judge Is Ruff, May 1995
    Adams, James G.: A History of Ft. Campbell, KY, April 19997
    Adams, James G.: Tales from the Disputed Area, March 2001
    Adams, James G.: A New Facility For A New Century: The Story of the Christian County Justice Center, Jan 2003
    Adams, James G.: The Athenaeum: A Look Back, Nov 1992
    Adams, James G.: The Lighthouses of North Carolina, Jan 1999
    Adams, James G.: The Forgotten Justice: Jams Clark McReynolds, Apr 2005
    Adams, James G.: Recollections and Reflections of a Hopkinsville Bloomer, May 2007
    Adams, James G.: Drug Courts: A New Idea In The Battle Against Crime, Nov 2009
    Adams, James G.: The Bluegrass and Kentucky Bourbon, Nov 2011
    Adams, James G.: A Ghost in Kentucky's Forests: A History and Possible Return of the Amercan Chestnut Tree, May 2012
    Adams, James G.: Cajun or Creole: The Fascinating People and Culture of French Louisiana, Mar 2014
     Adams, James G.: Are We Going to the Dogs or Beagles, Bassets, and Labs: What Would We Do Without You?, Dec 2013
     Adams, James G.: Sorry Tales from the Duck Blind, Jan 2016
     Adams, James G.: The History, Tradition, & Techniques of Barbeque
     Adams, James G.: The Real James Bond, Sept 2017
     Adams, James G.: Second To Gun, Nov 2017
     Adams, James G.: Dr Joseph Warren, Nov 2019
     Adams, James G.: Tabasco, Jan 2022
     Adams, James G.: History of the 86th Infantry "Black Hawk" Division in World War II,, Nov 2023
     Adams, John Lindsey: Discrete Infinity, Jan 2013
     Adams, John Lindsey: The Reluctant Ledgend [Tecumseh Sherman}, May 2015
     Adams, John Lindsey: An Uncivil War & How It Changed The Lives Of 3 Families and History, Oct 2016
     Adams, John Lindsey: The Greatest Beer Run Ever, April 2019
     Adams, John Lindsey: Nonverbal Communication, Sept 2021
     Adams, John Lindsey: The Awesome Opossum, Jan 2023
     Amis, Jack D.: Evolution, Science Fiction Or Fact?, Sept 1976
     Amis, Jack D.: A Day In The Life Of A Surgeon, Nov 1980
     Amis, Jack D.: Life On The Mississippi, Dec 1982
     Amis, Jack D.: The Reigning Queen, May 1985
     Anderson, Marlin: Man and his Universe, Nov 2001
     Anderson, Marlin: Justice and Only Justice: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict from the Palestinian Viewpoint, Jan 2003
     Anderson, Marlin: Serendipity in Science and a Few Interesting Facts, March 2004
     Anderson, Marlin: [The Universe], Feb 2006
     Anderson, Marlin: Kingston Power Plant Ash Spill, April 2010
     Askew, Logan B.: Roe v. Wade, Then and Now, March 1993
     Askew, Logan B.: Nude Dancing, Oct 1994
     Askew, Logan B.: Professional Wrestling, April 1999
     Askew, Logan B.: Reverence, May 2004
     Askew, Logan B.: Judicial Seletion, Feb 2006
     Atkins, John: 3-D Printing, March 2014
     Atkins, John: Athenaeum Ramblings, May 2016
     Atkins, John: Gregory vs Stubblefield, 1958, Jan 2018
     Atkins, John: Two Kentuckians On The Supreme Court, Sep 2020

     Baker, Robert C.: English: A Self-Imposedv Trade Barrier?, Feb 1983
     Baker, Robert C.: Dilemma In Education, Apr 1984
     Baker, Robert C.: Non-Public Schools: The Truth of the Matter, Nov 1985
     Baker, Robert C.: Impressions of a Passionate Traveler, May 1988
     Baker, Robert C.: The French Spa, April 1990
     Baker, Robert C.: England, Where Nothing Is What It Appears To Be, Feb 1992
     Baker, Robert C.: Educational Demographics of Christian, Lyon, Todd, & Trigg Counties, Sept 1994
     Bassett, Marshall T.: A Short Study Of The Clan System, Sept 1982
     Bassett, Marshall T.: The Balkan Penninsula 1815-1914: An Explosive Situation, Sep 1984
     Bassett, Marshall T.: An Unreconstructed Rebel's Sad Lament, Dec 1986
     Bell, William A.: Of Thee I Sing, Feb 1991
     Bell, William A.: Dirty Politics: So What Else Is New?, Oct 1992
     Bennett, James D.: Some Notes on Christian County, Ky., Grange, Date unknown
     Bolles, William S: Our Names, May 1953
     Boone, Ben E, III: A Little Known Patriot: Benjamin Hale Bristow, Jan 1974
     Boone, George Street: Freedom of the Press, Sept 1981
     Boone, George Street: Looking At Flowers From A Galloping Horse, May 1983
     Boone, George Street: A Contemporary Federalist Paper, April 1985
     Boone, George Street: The Reaching of Ratification, Nov 1988
     Boone, George Street: In Search Of History, Apr 1995
     Boone, George Street: Schliemann and Troy, Nov 1996
     Boone, George Street: Eye Witness To History, Dec 1998
     Boone, George Street: An Eyewitness To History, Sept 2001
     Boxley, Jack: Andrew Johnson - Most Unfortunate President in United States History, Jan 1968
     Boxley, Jack: Benedict Arnold: Traitor, Dec 1969
     Boxley, Jack: The Great Compromiser, Henry Clay, Feb 1975
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Mobility: One Aspect Of The Art Of War, Sept 1959
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: On the Methods of Diplomacy, Dec 1960
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: How Not To Call A Spade A Spade, Nov 1965
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Some Approaches to Ethics, Oct 1969
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The Golden Age, Or Was It?, Feb 1972
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Words About Words, May 1974
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The American Revolution 1760-1775, Oct 1975(?)
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Tax Reform, Oct 1977
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The Mountain Men, Nov 1981
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Temperance - Not An American Virtue, Nov 1983
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Hair, Sept 1985
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Superstition, May 1988
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: King Arthur, Nov 1989
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: A Banker's View of the National Debt, Dec 1991
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: On Liberty, Jan 1994
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The Defeated Camp, Nov 1995
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The Economics of Crime, Sept 1997
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The First Millenial Event, Jan 2000
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: Extraterrestrial Life, Sept 2001
     Brasher, Curtis Richard: The Detective Story, Sept 2003
     Bruce, John M.: Why Vets Don't Talk About Military Experience, Feb 2020
     Buck, Ron M.: The Beginning of Modern Historiography, Sept 2008
     Burnette, Nick: The Mona Lisa, Oct 2022
     Butler, Marshall: My Hobby or Be It Ever So Humble, Feb 1985
     Butler, Marshall: A Worm In The Big Apple, Feb 1987
     Butler, Marshall: The Exhilarating Effectof Classical Music Upon Various People, April 1989
     Butler, Marshall: The Pleasures and Perils of Travel Abroad, May 1991
     Byars, George H.: Do-Dah, Do-Dah, Sept 1989
     Byars, George H.: Bone-Pickers Anonymous, Nov 1991
     Byars, George H.: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, Dec 1993
     Byars, George H.: Money For Nothing, Jan 1996
     Byars, George H.: The Reluctant Gardener, Jan 1998
     Byars, George H.: Melvin Burkhart Is Dead, Jan 2002
     Byars, George H.: Mazes and Labyrinths, Dec 2004
     Byars, George H.: The Great American WorkEthic, Dec 2006
     Byars, George H.: The Comic Book Kids, Feb 2009
     Byars, George H.: Gators In The Basement, Pythons In The Bathtub, Jan 2011
     Byars, George H.: Monsters, Oct 2012
     Byars, George H.: 100 Plus Years of Coca Cola, Oct 2014
     Byars, George H.: White Sulphur Springs, May 2017
     Byars, George H.: The Mighty Dollar, Dec 2018
     Byars, George H.: Chicks in the Hall, Oct 2021

   Cato, Tim: Porch, April 2017
   Cato, Tim: Hog Killing, Nov 2018
   Cavanah, David: Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever, Oct 1995
   Cavanah, David: Cloning --- A Way Of Life, Oct 1997
   Cavanah, David: Don't Forget To Number Page One, May 2001
   Cavanah, David: A Long Journey, March 1994
   Cavanah, David: A Response, Oct 1999
   Cavanah, David: [Cowboy Heros], April 2003
   Cavanah, David: Paparazzi, Oct 2005
   Cavanah, David: [Truthfulness], Jan 2010
   Cavanah, David: Rice, William Marsh (Rice Univ.), Oct 2021
   Cavanah, Duncan: Amateur Basketball in the Shoe War Era, Nov 2007
   Cavanah, Duncan: A Season Held Hostage: Charlie Bradshaw's Thin Thirty, Feb 2010
   Cavanah, Duncan: Fear and Loathing with the Athenaeum Society: An Evening with Hunter S. Thompson, Jan 2014
   Cavanah, Duncan: The Flight of John Wilkes Booth, Jan 2015
   Cavanah, Duncan: Mr. Social Security: The Conn Man Chronicles, May 2018
   Cavanah, Duncan: Elvis And Nixon, Dec 2020
   Cavanah, Duncan: Dawn of the Emu, Apr 2023
   Cayce, D. D.: [Seeds], Jan 1993
   Cayce, D. D.: An Edgar Cayce Sampler, Apr 1995
   Cayce, D. D.: Korean Lespedza, A Savior, Feb 1997
   Cayce, D. D.: The Second Promised Land, April 1999
   Cayce, D. D.: Cayce-Yost: Gone but not Forgotten, April2001
   Cayce, D. D.: Kentucky's Southern Border With Tennessee, Dec 2003
   Cayce, D. D.: The Dig at Dan, Jan 2006
   Cayce, Kenneth: The Permanence Of Change, Mar 1970
   Cayce, Kenneth: Mayors Of Hopkinsville, 1893-1966, Mar 1972
   Cayce, Kenneth: The Signers, Mar 1974
   Cayce, Kenneth: Ephesus The Third. April 1978
   Cayce, Kenneth: Of Fires, Firefighters, And Engines, Dec1979
   Cayce, Kenneth: John C. Latham, Nov 1981
   Cayce, Kenneth: Covered Bridges, Nov 1984
   Cayce, Kenneth: Twentieth Century Main Street, Dec 1989
   Cayce, Kenneth: Kentucky's Governors 1792-1859, Apr 1992
   Cayce, Kenneth: Kentucky Governors 1859-1911, Oct 1993
   Cayce, Kenneth: Kentucky Governors, Part 3, Dec 1995
   Cayce, Kenneth: We Build, We Fight, Apr 1998
   Cope, Bob: From Put In To Take Out - - - And Everything In Between, Nov 2000
   Chirravuri, Veerabhadra Rao: Choices And Decisions, April 2019
   Cope, Bob: Pinned, Zipped, Clipped, Fastened, & Brushed, Feb 2002
   Cope, Bob: Everything You Wanted To Know About Spit But Were Afraid To Ask, March 2007
   Cope, Bob: Blondes, Oct 2008
   Cope, Bob: Waiting, Dec 2011
   Cope, Bob: It Didn't Start With Amazon, Oct 2015
   Cope, Bob: Stampede, Dec 2017
   Cope, Bob: Where Am I Going and How Do I Get There?, Mar 2020
   Cope, Bob: Death By Plastic, Dec 2022
   Coursey, James: The Moon Is A Balloon, Oct 2010
   Coursey, James: A Passion for Preservation, April 2011
   Coursey, James: The Black Dahlia, April 2017
   Coursey, James: Flying Out Of The Depression; the PAN-AM Clippers
   Coursey, James: DeHavilland Mosquito, Nov 2020
   Coursey, James: South Fork Fishing And Hunting Club, April 2023
   Cramer, William L.: A Teenage Warrior in World War II, Sept 2000
   Cramer, William L.: The Orient Express, Sept 2002

   DeMoss, Steve: In Search of the Real Fifth Beatle April 2014

   DeMoss, Steve: Is It Live Or Is It Memory?, Sept 2015
   Denison, Marvin D.: The Fourteenth Ammendment and Corporations in the Late Nineteenth Century, Nov 1987
   Denison, Marvin D.: The Long Crusade, Oct 1989
   Denison, Marvin D.: A "New" History of the World, May 1992
   Denison, Marvin D.: Decisions of the Court: The Supreme Court and Reconstruction, Feb 1995
   Denison, Marvin D.: The Presidency: A Study of the Power, Dec 1996
   Denison, Marvin D.: Political Smoke: Is This Any Way To Treat Perfectly Good Tobacco Leaf?, Nov 1998
   Denison, Marvin D.: Peruna, etc., May 2000
   Denison, Marvin D.: Have We Been Here Before?, March 2002
   Denison, Marvin D.: Two Heads Are Better Than One: It Could Be Verse, Jan 2004
   Denison, Marvin D.: The Real New World Order?, Oct 2005
   Denison, Marvin D.: Impetus to Detente!, Jan 2008
   Denison, Marvin D.: The Prizes: A Tale of Two, Mar 2010
   Denison, Marvin D.: The Great Enemy of the Truth, Feb 2012
   Denison, Marvin D.: Better Warfare Through Chemistry?, Nov 2013
   Denison, Marvin D.: . . . and so it goes [presidential elections], Feb 2016
   Denison, Marvin D.: This Again, May 2022
   Denison, Marvin D.: Immigrants Get It Done, Jan 2020
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: Turkey Legion, Jan 2005
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: Fantasy Sports: Winning By Losing Or Vice Versa, Feb 2007
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: The Big Dipper, April 2009
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: Bluegrass Kings, May 2011
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: Coffee Talk, Feb 2013
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: Duck Dynasty , March 2015
   Dougherty, H. Kendrick: The Great American Solar Eclipse, Jan 2017
   Draper, George M.: Energy And The Future Of Man, April 1974
   Draper, George M.: Some Thoughts About Thought: The Invisible Horse, Mar 1978
   Draper, George M.: Man Reaches For The Stars, Feb 1980
   Draper, George M.: The Game of Life-Style and Longevity: It's Your Move!, Apr 1983
   Draper, George M.: Artificfial Intelligence or Thinking About Thinking, Jan 1985
   Draper, George M.: Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars), Mar 1987
   Draper, George M.: Heat From An Oriental Sunrise, Jan 1989
   Draper, George M.: Sustainability of Industrialized Civilization Examined, Feb 1991
   Draper, George M.: Magical Arrays, With Varied Algorithms For Their Construction, Dec 1992
   Draper, George M.: Clippings Fom The Billtown Whizzer: Ruminations of the Slicker Snake, Dec 1994
   Draper, George M.: 800 Year Old Rabbit Problem Breeds Vast Mathematical Implications, Dec 1996
   Draper, George M.: An Abridged Account of the History, Structure, & Safety of Bridges, Jan 1999
   Duncan, Graham: The Way Out [poverty], Feb 1973
   Duncan, Graham: [The Press], Feb 1975
   Duncan, Graham: Adams, Tennessee, Feb 1980
   Duncan, Graham: The Road to Ruin, Jan 1982
   Duncan, Graham: Airdrie, Jan 1984

    Edmunds, William: Mind-Body Energy, Nov 1974
    Edmunds, William: The Most Common Surgical Procedure In The United States, Oct 1978
    Edmunds, William: The Search For Alexander, April 1981
    Edmunds, William: The New Madrid Earthquake Zone, Oct 1982
    Engler, Bill: Tax Shelters: Are They Necessary?, Mar 1985
    Engler, Bill: Risk and Reward of Reconnaissance, Sep 1986
    Engler, George William: Trust Bandits, Mar 1989
    Engler, George William: Napolean and his Art of War, Jan 1991
    Engler, George William: Bumbles, Fumbles, and Stumbles, March 1993
    Engler, George William: The Battle Of The Coral Sea, Feb 1998
    Engler, George William: The News That Didn't Make The News, March 1998
    Engler, George William: A True Superhero, Apr 2000
    Engler, George William: Who Moved My Cheese?, Mar 2002
    Engler, George William: The Historical Significance , Oct 2004
    Engler, George William: Fatal Sequence, Nov 2006
    Engler, George William: 10 Benefits of Laughter, April 2008
    Engler, George William: Tears of the Sun, Oct 2010
    Engler, George William: The Enemy Within, Dec 2012
    Engler, George William: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg, Feb 2017
    Engler, George William: A Funeral And A Wedding, May2019

    Fairleigh, Robert M.: {Credit Economy], Nov 1979
    Fairleigh, Robert M.: [Civil War], Oct 1981
    Fairleigh, Robert M.: The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Sept 1983
    Fairleigh, Robert M.: Why Have We Spent So Much & Bought So Little?, Dec 1985
    Fairleigh, Robert M.: [Correcting Inflation], Nov 1987
    Fairleigh, Robert M.: Savings & Loans, April 1990
    Fairleigh, Robert M.: Unidentified Flying Objects, Sept 1994
    Fels, Carmichael: The Creation of Wealth, Oct 1983
    Fels, Carmichael: Nattering Nabobs Of Negativism, Mar 1986
    Fletcher, Ben: U. S. Tobacco Co. and Related Topics, Mar 1`996
    Fletcher, Ben: The "Bird Cage", Feb 1998
    Fletcher, Ben Pilot Rock. Feb 2000
    Fourshee, Paul: Miss Jane Miller, Feb 2019
    Fourshee, Paul: Lock E, Dec 2021
    Freeman, Bobby H.: Nepal: Land of Eternal Snows, Nov 1988
    Freeman, Bobby H.: Operation Desert Shield, Dec 1990
    Freeman, Bobby H.: Regulation Strangling the Banking Industry, April 1993
    Freeman, Bobby H.: The Account of Convenience for the Federal Government, Mar 1995
    Freeman, Bobby H.: Banking And Technology, Oct 1996
    Freeman, Bobby H.: People's Republic of China, Oct 1998
    Freer, John: The Meaning Of Frogs (And Toads), Jan 1997
    Freer, John: The Corps of Discovery: Lewis & Clark Expedition 1803-1806, Nov 2000
    Freer, John: The Athenaeum Movement, Nov 2002
    Freer, John: Moral Intelligence, Feb 2004
   Freer, John: Over the Hill, re Louise Holoway, Jan 2006
   Freer, John: Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde's Triune Brain, Sept 2011
   Freer, John: Advertising and Marketing Propagand, Jan 2014
   Freer, John: Bisbee's Comedians, Feb 2016
   Freer, John: The Triune Brain, Sept 2009
   Freer, John: A Christmas Carol, Dec 1998
   Frerichs, Matt: Beekeeping: A Personal Account, Feb 2014
   Frerichs, Matt: Conflict in the South China Sea, April 2016
   Frerichs, Matt: The New Space Race, Oct 2017
   Frerichs, Matt: ShoichiYokoi, Oct 2023
   Fuqua, J T: How To Or Not To Present Your First Paper At Athenaeum, April 2004
   Fuqua, J T: How Our Native Tongue Has Slipped or The English Languish,  Dec 2005
   Fuqua, J T: The Differences Between Men And Women, May 2008
   Fuqua, J T: Interesting Medical Cases, Sept 2010
   Fuqua, J T: The Dead Sea Scrolls, March 2013
   Fuqua, J T: World Wide Web , April 2014
   Fuqua, J T: Canton, Kentucky, Feb 2020
   Fuqua, J T: Moon Rocks, May 2023

   Galloway, J. Dudley: The History of Measures and Weights, Jan 1987
   Galloway, J. Dudley: The Natchez Trace, April 1989
   Gary, George E.: Things Unseen, May 1905
   Gilkey, Chris: Paul Bryant: The Life, Times, and Legend of the Bear, Before the Houndstooth Hat, Jan 2007
   Gilkey, Chris: Who' A Thunk It: Kool-Aid, Bobcats, and . . . Scrotums?, April 2012
   Gilkey, Chris: Hollywood History, April 2016
   Gilkey, Chris: What's In A Name?, Jan 2018
   Gilkey, Chris:Presidents, Quirks of, Dec 2019
   Gilkey, Chris:What In Tarnation, Jan 2024
   Gilkey, Danny M.: What I Like About Warren Rudman: George Catlett Marshall In Two and a Half Pages, Jan 2010
   Gilkey, Danny M.: The Beauties and the Beast, May 2011
   Gilkey, Danny M.: And The Answer Is: Who Was Leon Czolgosz? Feb 2013
   Gilkey, Danny M.: Why There Is No President Dewey , April 2015
   Gilkey, Danny M.: Full Disclosure: Presidents' Health In History, Oct 2016
   Gilliam, Jerry: Christian Co. Agricultural Impact on Global Agricuture, Sept 2022
   Glover, Thomas C.: The Native American Experience in the Wilderness of American Law, Nov 2022
   Glover, Thomas C.: The Common Law of Slavery in Kentucky, Mar 2020
   Goolsby, Wayne: Lewis And Clark, Mar 2016
   Goolsby, Wayne: Three Vixens of Fifties Fiction, May 2018
   Goolsby, Wayne: Where Did Y'all Stay?, Oct 2020
   Goolsby, Wayne: The Play is the Thing, Sept 2023
   Guffey, Paul D.: The Political And Philosophical Relationship Of Thomas Jefferson And James Madison, Feb 1989
   Guffey, Paul D.: Some Thoughts On The Dialectic, Oct 1990
   Guffey, Paul D.: A Roadmap for Living: Give Me 12 Minutes and We'll Make 5, 6, 7 Look Like 1,2, 3, May 1995
   Guffey, Paul D.: From the Mansion to the Hill, Mar 1997
   Guffey, Paul D.: Garryowen, Nov 1998
   Guffey, Paul D.: Divine Wind, Jan 2001
   Guffey, Paul D.: For It Is Written: "The First Shall Be Last . . .", Feb 2003
   Guffey, Paul D.: Who Are You Calling Anthropomorphic?, Nov 2003
   Guffey, Paul D.: A Common Anguish, 2007
   Guffey, Russ: Paul Bryant: The Life, Times, and Legend of the Bear, Before the Houndstooth Hat, Jan 2007
   Guffey, Russ: Half-Pregnant, Half-Dead: How Mistakes, Misleading, Misinformation, and Mispronounciations Have Shaped the Half-Truth World of Today, Feb 32009
   Guffey, Russ: I Don't Don't: How Changing Notions of Marriage & Family Life Have Transformed Modern America, Feb 2011
   Guffey, Russ: Fifty-One Men, One Woman, Four Horses, One Dog, One Baby, & One One-Eyed Half-Breed, Dec 2011
   Guffey, Russ: Guffey, Party of Six, April 2013
   Guffey, Russ: Small World Apart ,building the A-Bomb, Feb 2015
   Guffey, Russ: Timeless, Schmimeless, Nov 2016

    Harper, Robert Yost: TRAMP: Theodore Roosevelt Augustus Major Poston, Jan 2001
    Harper, Robert Yost: 100 Years of the Athenaeum Society of Hopkinsville, KY, as Seen Through Its Minutes, May 2002
    Harper, Robert Yost: Let's Go Peay: A History of Austin Peay State University, Nov 2004
    Harper, Robert Yost: TRAMPing Through History, Ted Poston 2, Dec 2006
    Harper, Robert Yost: Coriolanus, Jan 2009
    Harper, Robert Yost: Wagner's Ring Cycle, Feb 2011
    Harper, Robert Yost: Jell-O Everyone, Dec 2015
    Harper, Robert Yost: Problems With Statistics, Dec 2017
    Harper, Robert Yost: Ethiopia, Sept 2019
    Harper, Robert Yost: If Only They Would Listen To Me, Feb 2023
    Harrison,Prof. Edmund: Books, Brains, & Brotherhood, May 1905
    Hayes, Taylor W.: Social Media, Mar 2019
    Hayes, Taylor W.: Where The Rare Citrus Grows, Sept 2022
    Henderson, Wallace: Civil War from Hopkinsville viewpoint, Date unknown
    Henderson, Wallace, JR: The Harpending Story, Feb 1960
    Henderson, Wallace, JR: Slow Train Thru South Christian, Dec 1967
    Henderson, Wallace, JR: Liquor and the Law, Mar 1970
    Henderson, Wallace, JR: The Strangers Came: The Conflict in Ireland
    Henderson, Wallace, JR: Daily Jots, Feb 1973
    Henderson, Wallace, JR: Grazing In The Grass: A contemporary View of the Great Marijuana Scare, April 1974
   Hendricks, Carter: Is A picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?, Nov 2015
    Herndon, Mike: Kentucky's DUI Law: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?, April 1985
    Herndon, Mike: The Perils of Pint-Sized People, Mar 1987
    Herndon, Mike: Romance Re-Called; Memory Relived, Feb 1989
    Herndon, Mike: Exercise In Futility, Sep 1990
    Herndon, Mike: What's In A Name?, Feb 1993
    Herndon, Mike: Characters of the Kitty League, Mar 1995
    Herndon, Mike: Golf: An Ancient Game In Modern Times, Jan 1997
    Hendricks, Carter: Is A picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?, Nov 2015
   Higgins, Edward H., III: The Antarctic, A Land Of Superlatives, Jan 1986
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Sex Education - The Time Is Now, Mar 1988
   Higgins, Edward H., III: The Demise of the Neighborhood Grocery Store, Feb 1990
   Higgins, Edward H., III: A History of the FBI, Sept 1991
   Higgins, Edward H., III: The Railroads of my Memory, May 1994
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Meat on the Table, The Old Fashioned Way, Dec 1995
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Major Events of this Millenium, April 1998
   Higgins, Edward H., III: The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812 or A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Apr 2000
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Suggestions for Educational Improvements, Dec 2001
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Mountain Meadows Massacre, Nov 2003
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Restoring Our Wetlands, Nov 2005
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Yoga, March 2010
   Higgins, Edward H., III: 369th Infantry Regiment, The Harlem Hellfighters, Jan 2012
   Higgins, Edward H., III: Taking the History of the World with a Grain of Salt, Sept 2013
   Higgins, Edward H., III: The 1922 St. Gaudens' Double Eaglw, A Saga, May 2016
   Higgins, Edward H., III: David William: Beautiful Bald Eagle, Oct 2019
   Higgins, Edward H., III: A Brief History of Redbird Mission, April 2022
   Higgins, Edward H., III: The Ritchie Boys, Feb 2024

   Ison, Robert: Perspectives On Growing Up An Army Brat Versus Growing Up In A Small Town, Dec 2000
   Ison, Robert: Not Just Blowing Smoke, May 2002
   Ison, Robert: Could You Raise A Boy Genius, The Story of Ryan Patterson, Mar 2004
   Ison, Robert: Lincoln, Great Emancipator or Simply Great Politician, Apr 2006
   Ison, Robert: Sparky and the Creation of an American Icon, April 2008
   Ison, Robert: Lewis Grizzard, I Still Miss You, May 2010
   Ison, Robert: The Battle of Perryville and the Struggle for Kentucky, Nov 2012
   Ison, Robert: Droning On And On, March 2017
   Ison, Robert: MIT Media Lab, Dec 2018
   Ison, Robert: The Remus-Volstead Reserve, whiskey, Jan 2021

    Jung, Chris: Hopkinsville's Derby Winner, Mar 2022

    Kasierski, Scott: The Dream City: The World's Columbian Exposition 1893, Sept 2004
    Kasierski, Scott: Your Mother, Sept 2006
    Kaye, Mitchell: Aerobatics. A Personal Experience, Mar 2006
    Kaye, Mitchell: An Analysis of Current Space Exploration Options, Feb 2008
   Kaye, Mitchell: Morris "Moe" Berg, April 2010
   Kaye, Mitchell: Forgiveness, March 2012
   Kaye, Mitchell: Happiness, May 2014
   Kaye, Mitchell: Suggestions for Changes in the Athenaeum Society March 2016
   Kaye, Mitchell: Interplanetary Blues Feb 2019
   Kaye, Mitchell: Medical Breakthroughs: Abstract-Summary, Nov 2023
   Kemp, J. Daniel: A Soldier's Story, Dec 1997
   Kemp, J. Daniel: Arranged Marriages, Worth Taking A Second Look, Mar 2000
   King, Hal: King's Study of the Settlers & the Land of Harlan County, KY, May 1990
   King, Hal: The Shooting Star and the Prophet, Dec 1992
   King, Hal: Favorite Stories of the Season, Dec 1994
   King, Hal: A Paper With Specific Purposes (Can You Guess The Purposes?), May 2003
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