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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1987

Jan 1987J. Dudley GallowayThe History of Measures and Weights
Jan 1987Brooks MajorHer Heart Was True, But, Alas, Her Teeth Were False
Feb 1987Thomas W. WesterfieldA Search For Treasure
Feb 1987Marshall ButlerA Worm In The Big Apple
Mar 1987George DraperStrategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)
Mar 1987Mike HerndonThe Perils of Pint-Sized People
Apr 1987Robert B. SivleyExtrasensory Perception - Fact or Fiction
Apr 1987William Rowlett The Scourge of God
May 1987Kenneth O. CayceMiracle at Philadelphia
May 1987Charles L. TilleyThe Arkansas Travelers
Sep 1987Paul K. TurnerWhere We Are And Where Are We Going
Sep 1987Frank A. YostThe English Language
Sep 1987Hal KingThe Communications Media As I Know It: Blessing and Curse
Oct 1987Frank A. YostThe English Language
Oct 1987Prewitt Owen A Look At China
Nov 1987Robert M. Fairleigh[Correcting Inflation]
Nov 1987Marvin D. DenisonThe Fourteenth Ammendment and Corporations in the Late Nineteenth Century
Dec 1987Wendell RorieLeningrad: A Video Journal
Dec 1987Jim LoveSome Glimpses of the Class of 1962 of Elgin High School