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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2010

Jan 2010David Cavanah[Truthfulness]
Jan 2010Paul Danny GuffeyWhat I Like About Warren Rudman: George Catlett Marshall In Two and a Half Pages
Feb 2010Wendell H. RorieMine Is Longer Than Yours]
Feb 2010Duncan CavanahA season Held Hostage: Charlie Bradshaw's Thin Thirty
Mar 2010Edward H. Higgins, IIIYoga
Mar 2010Marvin D. DenisonThe Prizes: A Tale of Two
Apr 2010Marlin AndersonKingston Power Plant Ash Spill
Apr 2010Mitchell D. KayeMorris "Moe" Berg
May 2010William T. TurnerSay It Ain't So
May 2010Bob IsonLewis Grizzard, I Still Miss You
Sep 2010Brooks MajorThe Privy Council
Sep 2009J Terry FuquaInteresting Medical Cases
Oct 2010George W. EnglerTears of the Sun
Oct 2010James B. CourseyThe Moon Is A Balloon
Nov 2010Hal KingU.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers and the Nine Iron Sisters
Nov 2010Hollis White, IIIThe Big Short
Dec 2010Thomas W. WesterfieldA Visit to Hispaniola
Dec 2010Jason PowellWhat Is With Kids These Days?