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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Presented During 2006

Jan 2006Over the Hill, re Louise HolowayJohn Freer
Jan 2006The Dig at DanD. D. Cayce
Feb 2006Judicial SelectionLogan B. Askew
Feb 2006[The Universe]Marlin H. Anderson
Mar 2006The Good Life [stud services]John C. Tilley
Mar 2006Aerobatics. A Personal ExperienceMitchell D. Kaye
April 2006The Trial of the Century [Scopes}Robert B. Sivley
May 2006Murder Most FoulMark Schweizer & William Turner
Sept 2006The Virgin of Guadalupe [economics]Hollis White
Sept 2006Your MotherScott Kasierski
Oct 2006The Fasted Bicycle Rider in the WorldWendell Lynch
Oct 2006Older Than Gold: Salt-All You Ever Wanted to Know & Probably MorePeter K. Nicolos
Nov 2006Brakefield and the Brakefield BoysHal King
Nov 2006Fatal SequenceGeorgeW. Engler
Dec 2006The Great American Work EthicGeorge Byars
Dec 2006TRAMPing Through History {Ted Poston]Robert Y. Harper