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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1992

Jan 1992Wendell H. RorieThe Joy of Sex -- Revisited
Jan 1992Edwin Morton WhiteSome Did Call It Treason
Feb 1993Robert C. BakerEngland, Where Nothing Is What It Appears To Be
Mar 1992Thomas L. RileyCharles S. Morehead and the Know-Nothing Party in Kentucky
Mar 1992Paul Turner[Turner, Paul: autobiographical]
April 1992Kenneth CayceKentucky's Governors 1792-1859
May 1992Marvin D. DenisonA "New" History of the World
May 1992Charles L. Tilley, Jr.Late Eulogy To A Late Friend
Sept 1992Robert B. SivleyThe Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
Oct 1002William A. BellDirty Politics: So What Else Is New?
Nov 1992William T. TurnerSouth Christian's Day In The Sun
Nov 1992James G. AdsamsThe Athenaeum: A Look Back
Dec 1992Hal KingThe Shooting Star and the Prophet
Dec 1992George M. DraperMagical Arrays, With Varied Algorithms For Their Construction