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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1980

Jan 1980R.Curtis BrasherMyths
Jan 1980James WoolridgeThe Big Bang
Feb 1980George DraperMan Reaches For The Stars
Mar 1980Mark M LowryThe Pueblo Indians
Mar 1980William T. TurnerThe Legend of Wealth and Seclusion
April 1980Franklin A. NashThe Guilded Dream of El Dorado
May 1980William Rowlett
May 1980Sam H. TraughberEnnie, Minnie, Miney, Moe: A Systematic Search For A President
Feb 1980Graham DuncanAdams, Tennessee [The Duncan Family for 100 Years]
Mar 1980Mark LowryThe Pueblo Indians
Apr 1980William F. Edmunds
May 1980Sam H. TraughberA Systematic Search for a President
May 1980William M. RowlettThe Confessions of a Ham-a-holic
Sep 1980George Street BooneFreedom of the Press
Sep 1980Thomas WesterfieldRambling Roots
Oct 1980Littleton PardueView From The Sidelines
Oct 1980H. E. HudsonSay It Isn't True
Nov 1980Howard WillenMorality and the Penal System in Eighteenth Century England
Nov 1980Jack D. AmisA Day In The Life Of A Surgeon
Dec 1980Mark LowryA Tale Of Two Cities: Indianola And Pompeii
Dec 1980Duard N. ThurmanFreedom: More Than A Dream