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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2019

Jan 2019Whitney WesterfieldAdoption Chronicles
Jan 2019James CourseyFlying Out Of The Depression;
the PAN-AM Clippers
Feb 2019Mitchell KayeInterplanatery Blues
Feb 2019Paul FoursheeMiss Jane Miller
Mar 2019Dr. Cory PittsThe Point of a Good Pen
Mar 2019Taylor W. Hayes Insights Into the Evolution of 'Crisis Communications' in a Social Media Age
April 2019Veerabhadra ChirrauriChoices And Decisions
April 2019John Lindsay AdamsThe Greatest Beer Run Ever
May 2019George William EnglerA Funeral And A Wedding
May 2019Hollis WhiteIf I Understood What You Were Saying,
Would I Look This Way?
Sept 2019Robert HarperEthiopia
Sept 2019Cody NoffsingerThe Singing Mailmain, Mr. Peabody, and Kentucky's Lost Paradise
Oct 2019Edward H. HigginsDavid William: Beautiful Bald Eagle
Oct 2019Daniel StahlBenedict Arnold, Saviour of the American Revolution
Nov 2019Wynn RadfordSomeone Special Once Lived There
Nov 2019Robert MartinHistory of the Passion Play
Dec 2019James G. Adams Jr.Dr. Joseph Warren - The Forgotten Revolutionary Patriot
Dec 2019Chris GilkeyWhat The? Why Would You Do That? Who Am I?