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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2016

Jan 2016James G. Adams, IIISorry Tales from the Duck Blind
Feb 2016 John FreerBisbee's Comedians
Feb 2016Marvin D. Denison. . . and so it goes [presidential elections]
March 2016Mitchell Kaye An Examination of Future Options in the Athenaeum Society
March 2016Wayne GoolsbyLewis And Clark
April 2016Chris GilkeyHollywood History
April 2016Matt FrerichsConflict in the South China Sea
May 2016Edward H. Higgins, IIIThe 1922 St. Gaudens' Double Eagle, A Saga
May 2016John AtkinsAthenaeum Ramblings [untitled]
Sept 2016Robert Sivley, Jr.Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Sept 2016Wendell LynchOur War At Home: Domestic Terrorism In The U.S.
Oct 2016Danny M. GilkeyFull Disclosure: Presidents' Health In History
Oct 2016Lindsay AdamsAn Uncivil War & How It Changed THe Lives Of 3 Families . . .
Nov 2016Russ GuffeyTimeless, Schmimeless
Nov 2016Robert B. SivleyThe Story Of Washoe
Dec 2016Hollis White, III Alexander Hamilton's Feud & Duel with Aaron Burr, Jr.
Dec 2016William T. Turner An Unusual Man for His Time: The Life of Peter Postell