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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2015

Jan 2015Duncan CavanahThe Flight of John Wilkes Booth
Jan 2015Jason PowellCould You Survive?
Feb 2015Robert B. SivleyCollege Athletic Scholarships - - Pro or Con?
Feb 2015Russ GuffeySmall World Apart
Mar 2015H. Kendrick DoughertyDuck Dynasty
Mar 2015John T. SoyarsThe Doctor, the Magician, and the Medium
Apr 2015Danny M. GilkeyWhy There Is No President Dewey
May 2015John Lindsey Adams The Reluctant Legend [Tecumseh Sherman]
May 2015William M. RowlettFloating Down the River
Sept 2015Wynn RadfordWould You Have Had The Courage To Join The French Resistance?
Sept 2015Steve DemossIs It Live Or Is It Memory?
Oct 2015Wendell H. RorieIndia: Land of Mystery and Magnificience
Oct 2015Robert J Cope, IIIt Didn't Start With Amazon
Nov 2015James G. Adams, Jr.The History, Tradition, & Techniques of Barbeque
Nov 2015Carter HendricksIs A picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?
Dec 2015Robert Y. HarperJell-O Everyone
Dec 2015Robert W. MartinGarage Sales Are Amazing Things