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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2013

Jan 2013John Lindsey AdamsDiscrete Infinity
Jan 2013Wendell LynchTruman and th Bomb
Feb 2013Hugh K. DoughertyCoffee Talk
Feb 2013Danny M. GilkeyThe Answer Is: Who Was Leon Czolgosz?
Mar 2013 Hal KingKenvir Coal Warms the South Pole
Mar 2013J T FuquaThe Dead Sea Scrolls
Apr 2013Russ GuffeyGuffey, Party of Six
Apr 2013Whitney H. WesterfieldA Silent Key
Sep 2013Peter K. NicolosThe Polomares Nuclear Accident
Sep 2013Edw H. Higgins, IIITaking the History of the World with a Grain of Salt
Oct 2013Wendell H. RorieA Paper on Papers
Nov 2013Franklin A. NashFancy Bloomers
Nov 2013Marvin D. DenisonBetter Warfare Through Chemistry?
Dec 2013James G. Adams, Jr.Are We Going to the Dogs . .