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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2008

Jan 2008Marvin D. DenisonImpetus to Detente !
Feb 2008Peter C. MacdonaldHeart of Evil
Feb 2008Mitchell D. KayeAn Analysis of Current Space Exploration Options
Apr 2008William T. TurnerA Place In Time
Apr 2008George W. Engler10 Benefits of Laughter
Apr 2008Robert IsonSparky and the Creation of an American Icon
May 2008J Terry FuquaThe Differences Between Men and Women
Sep 2008Ron M. BuckThe Beginning of Modern Historiography
Sep 2008John RittenhouseSurvey and History of Coal Company Towns: Benham and Lynch, KY
Oct 2008Bob CopeBlondes
Oct 2008Mark SchweizerIt Was A Dark And Stormy Night,
Nov 2008Wendell Lynch April Fools Day: Real or Hoaxe
Nov 2008Hollis N. White, IIIRaise Taxes On Gasoline
Dec 2008Thomas W. WesterfieldA Mission To Georgia [Republic of]
Dec 2008Jason PowellMy Obsession with Great Structures