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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2005

Jan 2005William M. RowlettWhat Is It?
Jan 2005H. Kendrick DoughertyTurkey Legion
Feb 2005Charles L. TilleyWhat I Meant To Say Was . . .
Feb 2005David L.RileyThe Trail of Tears
Mar 2005Frank A. Nash, Jr.World War II Memories
Mar 2005Hal KingUp There, DownThere, & Over There
Mar 2005John SoyarsArthur Conan Doyle, spiritualism
Apr 2005James G. Adams, Jr.The Forgotten Justice: James Clark McReynolds
Apr 2005Peter C. MacdonaldBritain Bans Bloodsport
May 2005Wendell H. RorieHumerous Gravestones: Over Their Dead Bodies
May 2005Wynn RadfordThe Concept of Leisure: The Art of Doing Nothing
Sep 2005Thomas W. WesterfieldHey Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Nanotechnology)
Sep 2005Fred MayCup 'O Joe and the Caffeine Buzz
Oct 2005Marvin D. DenisonThe Real New World Order
Oct 2005Dave CavanahPaparazzi
Nov 2005Paul D. GuffeyDoes God Wear A Fig Leaf? Don't Ask Newton -or - Who You Calling Anthropomorphic?
Nov 2005Edward H. HigginsRestoring Our Wetlands
Dec 2005Brooks MajorHenry's Tin Lizzie
Dec 2005Terry FuquaHow Our Native Language Has Slipped or The English Languish