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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2004

Jan 2004Two Heads Are Better Than One: It Could Be VerseMarvin Denison & Mark Schweiwer
Feb 2004Moral IntelligenceJohn H. Freer
Feb 2004ConfrontationHollis White
Mar 2004Could You Raise A Boy Genius, The Story of Ryan PattersonRobert Ison
Mar 2004Serendipity in Science and a Few Interesting FactsMarvin Anderson
April 2004How To Or Not To Present Your First Paper At AthenaeumJ. Terry Fuqua
April 2004Reality TelevisionJohn Charles Tilley
May 2004Human Evolution & An Aging SocietyRobert B. Sivley
May 2004ReverenceLogan Askew
Sept 2004Truth, Tradition, or Somewhere In Between: This & That of Local HistoryWilliam T. Turner
Sept 2004The Dream City: The World's Columbian Exposition 1893Scott P. Kasierski
Oct 2004The Historical SignificanceGeorge W. Engler
Oct 2004The Difference Is Leadership: The Presidents of the United StatesWendell Lynch
Nov 2004Necter of the Gods -or- You Don't Buy Beer, You Rent ItJim Love
Nov 2004Let's Go Peay: A History of Austin Peay State UniversityRobert Y. Harper
Dec 2004The California Gold Rush (Part 2)
Dec 2004Mazes and LabyrinthsGeorge Byars