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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 2002

Jan 2002(unsigned)This Is My Land, Christian County
Jan 2002George ByarsMelvin Burkhart Is Dead
Feb 2002Bob CopePinned, Zipped, Clipped, Fastened, & Brushed
Feb 2002Mark SchweizerThe Beard In History
Mar 2002Marvin D. DenisonHave We Been Here Before?
Mar 2002Bill EnglerWho Moved My Cheese?
Apr 2002William T TurnerA Centenniel History of the Athenaeum Society of Hopkinsville
Apr 2002Robert B. SivleyGenerations: From the Naughty Nineties to Generation X
May 2002Robert Yost Harper100 Years of the Athenaeum Society of Hopkinsville, KY, as Seen Through Its Minutes
May 2002Robert E. IsonNot Just Blowing Smoke
Sep 2002William L. CramerThe Orient Express
Sep 2002Wendell LynchThe Seeds Of Change
Oct 2002James H. Love50 Years A Cub Fan: Sand Down A Rathole
Oct 2002Hollis WhiteThe Lethal Gift Of Livestock
Nov 2002John FreerThe Athenaeum Movement