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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1999

Jan 1999George M. DraperAn Abridged Account of the History, Structure, & Safety of Bridges
Jan 1999James G. Adams, Jr.The Lighthouses of North Carolina
Feb 1999William M. RowlettCan an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?
Mar 1999Frank A. Nash, Jr.Signs of the Road & Some Related Histories
Mar 1999J. Nicholas TerhuneThe Story of Joseph Gant Gaither, M.D.
April 1999D. D. CayceThe Second Promised Land
April 1999Logan AskewProfessional Wrestling
May 1999Robert B. SivleyThe Death of Psychoanalysis or The True Story of Cinderella
May 1999William T. TurnerThe Homeland Heritage Of A Poet Laureate,
Sept 1999Wynn Radford, IIISlavery: Christian County's Distinctive Legacy
Sept 1999John RittenhouseFrom Communism To Conservatism
Oct 1999Dave CavanahA Response
Nov 1999Edwin M. WhiteOffended Sensibilities: A Look At Obscenity, Censorship, & Free Speech
Nov 1999David L. RileyClouds In My Crystal Ball
Dec 1999Wendell H. RorieThe Rabit Box: Christmas At Church Hill, 1938