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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1998

Jan 1998Lewis V. SpencerOn One-Hand Typing
Jan 1998George ByarsThe Reluctant Gardener
Feb 1998Edwin M. WhiteNames
Feb 1998Ben FletcherThe "Bird Cage"
Mar 1998George Wm EnglerThe News That Didn't Make The News
Mar 1998Jim LoveThe Death of Nostalgia
Apr 1998Kenneth CayceWe Build, We Fight
Apr 1998Edward H. Higgins, IIIMajor Events of this Millenium
May 1998Brooks MajorCassius M. Clay
Sep 1998Mark SchweizerThe Composer's Muse: Why Johann Can't Read
Oct 1998Bobby H. FreemanPeople's Republic of China
Oct 1998Peter C. MacdonaldThe Last Place on Earth
Nov 1998Paul D. GuffeyGarryowen
Nov 1998Marvin D. DenisonPolitical Smoke: Is This Any Way To Treat Perfectly Good Tobacco Leaf?
Dec 1998George Street BooneEye Witness To History