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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1990     (3 papers in the file were "Sept" and 3 papers were missing)

? monthHal KingOne of the Other Ships [at Pearl Harbor]
Jan 1990Wendell H. Rorie"Reflections on Revolutions" from an English Pub
Jan 1990Edwin M. WhiteThe Cost Of Crime Is High
Feb 1990Edward H. Higgins, IIIThe Demise of the Neighborhood Grocery Store
Feb 1990Paul K. Turnar Right to Bear Arms
Mar 1990Peter MacdonaldHappy Birthday, Bill of Rights
Mar 1990Martin StandardPreparing Your Family To Survive In The Coming Economy
Apr 1990Robert M. Fairleigh, IIISavings & Loans
Apr 1990Robert C. BakerThe French Spa
May 1990Hal KingKing's Study of the Settlers & the Land of Harlan County, KY
May 1990William T. TurnerA Window Eye View on a Divided Community
Sep 1990Brooks MajorMan Is The Measure
Sep 1990Mike HerndonExercise In Futility
Sep 1990Robert B. SivleyThe Erehwon Principle or What Happens When Sin Becomes Sickness And Sickness Becomes Sin
Oct 1990UNKNOWNA Search For Time
Oct 1990Paul Danny GuffeySome Thoughts On The Dialectic
Nov 1960David L. RileyHorror Come Mornng
Dec 1990Bobby FreemanOperation Desert Shield