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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1983

Jan 1983William H. RowlettMere Lewis
Jan 1983Duard ThurmanYou, Me, and TV
Jan 1983Charles L. TilleyThere's A Long, Long Trail A'winding
Feb 1983Tom WesterfieldWhere Are We Going From Here?
Feb 1983Robert C. BakerEnglish: A Self-Imposedv Trade Barrier?
Mar 1983Robert B. SivleyFinding A Solution To The Energy Problem
Mar 1983Mark LowryThe Hebrew Love Song
Apr 1983George M. DraperThe Game of Life-Style and Longevity: It's Your Move!
Apr 1983E. B. SelfThe Pursuit of Happiness
May 1983Brooks MajorAn Impersonal and Objective Critique of the 1982-1983 Season of the Athenaeum Society
May 1983George Street BooneLooking At Flowers From A Galloping Horse
Sep 1983Robert M. FairleighThe Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
Oct 1983Wendell H. RorieThe Athenian Traveler: A Sketchbook
Oct 1983Carmichael FelsThe Creation of Wealth
Nov 1983Richard C. BrasherTemperance - Not An American Virtue
Nov 1983Franklin A. NashThe Third Day Continues
Dec 1983William T. TurnerHopkinsville Landmarks: Homes Built Between 1900-1930
Dec 1983John M. NewsomGrenada