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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1982

Jan 1982Wendell RorieI, Michaelangelo, Sculptor
Jan 1982Graham DuncanThe Road to Ruin
Feb 1982Feank YostA Dream For Total World Prosperity
Feb 1982David M. GardnerThe Great Wall of China
Mar 1982John NewsomeHenry Ford: His Life And Times
Mar 1982William M. RowlettRollie's War
Apr 1982Martin StandardTriticale - The First Man-MadePlant Species Capable of Reproducing Itself in Kind
Apr 1982Sam TraughberLight At The End Of The Tunnel
May 1982Franklin A. Nash, Jr.A History Of Hypnosis And Its Entrancing Power
May 1982William T. TurnerPhysician, Politician, Philanthropist: Dr. Frank H. Bassett
Sep 1982Gladstone MajorJune 5, 8498 Anno Domini
Sep 1982Marshall T. BassettA Short Study Of The Clan System
Oct 1982H. E. HudsonThis and That
Oct 1982William EdmundsThe New Madrid Earthquake Zone
Nov 1982Howard Willen Offended Sensibilities: A Look At Obscenity, And Free Speech
Nov 1982Norman LazareHuckleberry Finn
Dec 1982Jack D. AmisLife On The Mississippi