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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1981

Jan 1981Brooks MajorThe Magnificent Model T
Jan 1981Thomas MorrisThe Real Riches of Rags
Feb 1981Charles L. TilleyFirst the Wheels, Then the Deals
Feb 1981Stephen UnderwoodChanges I Have Seen in the Law [read by Curtis Brasher]
Mar 1981Robert SivleyA Modern Tower of Babel
Mar 1981E. Ben SelfViolence In The Media: Some Personal Recolletions And Observations
Apr 1981Gladstone MajorJune 5, 8498 B. C.
Apr 1981William EdmundsThe Search For Alexander
May 1981Thomas L. RileyThe Ghosts of a College Campus
May 1981Norman Lazare Heart of Darkness
Sep 1981Lawence CampbellSailing
Sep 1981George Street BooneFreedom of the Press,
Sep 1981Prewitt OwneWas Malthus A True Prophet?
Oct 1981Robert M. Fairleigh*[Civil War]
Oct 1981J. Raymond Lord*[Melville, part 1]
Oct 1981J. Raymond Lord*Herman Melville, poet of the civil war, part 2
Nov 1981Kenneth O. CayceJohn C. Latham
Nov 1981Richard C. BrasherThe Mountain Men
Dec 1981Paul K. Turner More Words
Dec 1981James WooldridgeSome Background for Genetic Engineering
* Papers presented jointly