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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1979

Robert Fairleigh
Jan 1979Littleton PardueTime
Jan 1979Robert SivleyTo Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Feb 1979E. Ben SelfThe Craziness of Champions
Feb 1979Thomas WesterfieldNow You See It. Now You Don't
Mar 1979David M. GardnerThe Origin & Analysis of our Most Affectionate Word, of What is a Kiss?
Mar 1979David ConleyThe Ayatullah Ruholla Khomeini [extemporaneous]
Mar 1979Stephen Underwood[Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-p'ing]
Apr 1979Jack D. AmisApe of a Cold God; The Life and Thoughts of Karl Max
Apr 1979Charles L. TilleyBye Bye My Babies: The Lullaby of Madison Avenue
Sept 1979Paul TurnerWords
Sep 1979Wendell RorieMy Last Letter
Sep 1979David CumbeeToga-clad "interview" with Virgil [no paper read]
Oct 1979Prewitt OwenLiving High on the Hog
Oct 1979Martin StandardLife and Change of Life
Nov 1979Robert Fairleigh {Credit Economy]
Nov 1979Frank A. Yost[The Bicycle]
Nov 1979Paul K. Turner[Freedom of Speech]
Dec 1979Kenneth O. CayceOf Fires, Firefighters, And Engines
Dec 1979Robert M. FairleighOur Credit Economy