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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered in 1973

Jan 1973Duard N. ThurmanMy Red and Blue Package Has Arrived
Jan 1973Norman LarareShort Shrift For A Winter's Night
Feb 1973Graham DuncanThe Way Out [poverty]
Feb 1973Wallace W. Henderson"Daily Jots" by Thomas Underwood
Mar 1973Thomas MorrisUrge, A Primordial Need
Mar 1973Littleton PardueGold and Money
Apr 1973Mark LowryAttempts To Understand Certain Types Of Literature
Apr 1973Thomas L. RileyOn the Life of Carrie Nation, Kentucky Temperance Crusader
May 1973William T. TurnerHistory of Radio Station WFSW 1927-1933
May 1973Robert SivleyThe Cowboy Show, An American Boy's Dream World
Sep 1973David CumbeePeter Illyich Tchaikovski
Sep 1973Frank A. YostThe Russian Grain Deal
Oct 1973Robert M. FarleighEconomics
Oct 1973Sam H. TraughberTreponematosis or The Love Bug Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out
Nov 1973Wendell RorieDirty Stuff
Nov 1973John DixonNo Fault Insurance
Dec 1973William M. RowlettTwo Ways To Kill An Elephant
Dec 1973George Street BooneImpeachment