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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered 1968

Date Author Title
Jan 1968 Tom Soyars A Fresh Look At The Automobile
Jan 1968 Jack Boxley Andrew Johnson - Most Unfortunate President in United States History
Jan 1968W. E. Rogers, IIIChicken Society
Feb 1968B. H. HenardGood Samaritans
Mar 1968James WoolridgeThe Gasoline Engine: Another Problem for the American People
Mar 1968Frank A. YostFifty Years of Soviet Russia
Apr 1968Thomas GarnettPromise Fulfilled
Apr 1968George M. DraperOrganized Crime's Men of Honor, the Mafiosi
May 1968Charles K. SteeleMaybe We Are Not So Smart Either
May 1968Thomas MabryThe Peril Among Us
Sep 1968Ira D. SmithJohn Randolph
Sep 1968William T. TurnerBethel College 1854 - 1964
Oct 1968H. E. HudsonBuffoon or Benefactor: Babe Ruth, Hero or Bum
Oct 1968Charles D. WadeFantastic Power of Color
Nov 1968Duard N. ThurmanThe Hero Is Dead
Nov 1968Thomas L. RRileyFine Art of Muckraking
Dec 1968Prewitt OwenHettie Green, Richest Woman in the World
Dec 1968William F. EdmundsNatural Philosophy and Isaac Walton