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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered 1967

Jan 1967Robert M. Fairleigh, IIIAirplane Instrument Flying
Jan 1967Duard N. ThurmanAnybody Forget?
Feb 1967Leslie CraneMan and Machine - The Spirit of Man
Feb 1967Graham DuncanIvan Go Home
Feb 1967Thomas L. RileyChataqua
Mar 1967Gene FarleyThe Teacher's New Look
Mar 1967Wallace W. HendersonA Portrait of a Man
Apr 1967William T. TurnerSouth Kentucky College (McLean)
Apr 1967Charles D, WadeTo Be or Not to Be
May 1967Thomas MorrisLanding Ship Drydock 13
May 1967Tom SoyarsTelevision
Sep 1967Benjamin BooneThe Forgotten American
Sep 1967Wallace W. HendersonThe Trail of Tears
Oct 1967Gladstone MajorGolden Bridle
Oct 1967Shelby PowellA Plains Indian
Nov 1967Thomas L. SmithThe Failure of the New Poverty Cult
Dec 1967Wallace Henderson, Jr.Slow Train Through Christian County
Dec 1967R. Curtis BrasherAmerican Response to Spencerian Philosophy