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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered 1966

Date Author Title
Jan 1966Chester RedmonIt Takes Two to Tango
Jan 1966Charles K. SteeleSome Aspects of Man Striving to Maintain Human Behavior, or When You Gotta Go You Gotto Go
Feb 1966Benjamin BooneLet George Do It: Union with Canada
Feb 1966Thomas MabryVanishing Land
Mar 1966Paul MoehlmanThe Human Condition or Battlegroup Man or You Find Theology in Strange Places
Mar 1966James WooldridgeImportance of Edgar Cayce
Apr 1966 Jack BoxleyInner Space
Apr 1966George DraperThe US Dollar is Sick: Is it a Fatal Illness?
May 1966Ira D. SmithStargazer etc, May 2, 1940
May 1966B. H. HenardWhat's Wrong with Judges
Sep 1966Gladstone KoffmanAndrew Johnson
Sep 1966Grady RuffHopkinsville, City of Chaos: Inadequacy of Our Police Force
Oct 1966 Wendell Rorie The Right Of Privacy or The Right To Be Left Alone
Oct 1966Brooks MajorAgrarian Myth
Oct 1966Wendell Rorie
Nov 1966Prewitt OwenPretrial in the News Media
Nov 1966Mark LowryWriting Poetry As A Hobby
Dec 1966H.E. HudsonMountain or Molehill
Dec 1966William F. EdmundsCan the English Language Survive?