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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered 1907 (Gleaned from the Hopkinsville Kentuckian)

Date Author Title
Jan 1907J. W. DownerThe Old and New Court Parties
Jan 1907George E. GaryThe Decadence of Our Forestry Resources
Jan 1907W. T. FowlerThe Uses of Denatured Alcohol
Feb 1907Col. Jouett HenryThe Negro Soldiers
Feb 1907Prof. Barksdale HamlettThe Equaliation of Opportunity as a Factor in Solial Development
Mar 1907J. T. HanberryTrusts
Mar 1907Denny P. SmithCharacter Study of Napolean
April 1907Dr. R. F. McDanielAlexander Hamilton
April 1907T. J. McReynodsOvercapitalization of Railroads
June 1907Charles M. MeachamHeroism
June 1907B. G. NelsonThe World of Pastime
June 1907Dr. W. L. NourseSouls vs. Hands
Sept 1907Prof. H. Clay SmithThe Golden Rule
Sept 1907Ira L. SmithAnts
Sept 1907Dr. R. L. WoodardThe White Plague
Oct 1907Dr. Frank M. StitesSome Weather Conditions and How They Are Forecast
Oct 1907John StitesBenjamin Disraeli, Earl ofBeaconsfied
Nov 1907W. T. Tandy
Nov 1907Dr. T. W. Blakey
Dec 1907Lucian H. DavisThe New and Increasing Uses of Cement
Dec 1907J. W. DownerSir Walter Scott