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The Athenaeum Society
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Founded April 1902


Papers Delivered 1906 (Gleaned from the Hopkinsville Kentuckian)

Date Author Title
Jan 1906Prof. Barkesdale Hemlett-
Jan 1906Rev. Edmund HarrisonBible Storie
Feb 1906Thomas W. LongThe One Thing I Do
Feb 1906J. T. HanberryAaron Burr
Mar 1906Judge Joe McCarrollPeter the Great
Mar 1906John C. DuffyDr Profundis, a review
April 1906Rev. Edmund HarrisonBibliana
April 1906Thomas J. McReynoldsBetter Roads, A Plea for Government Aid
April 1906Rev. W. L. NourseSome Tenets of Sciene Anticipated by the Bible
Sept 1906Dr. T. W. BlakeyHeredity and Disease
Sept 1906Dr. R. L. WoodallThe Social Whirl
Oct 1906John StitesPocahontas
Oct 1906T. C. UnderwoodLivers and Rights
Oct 1906Frank RivesGovernment Ownership of Public Utilities
Nov 1906Thomas W. LongAn Historic Banking Concern
Nov 1906W. McL. CowanBohemian Life in New York
Dec 1906J. G, CooperThe Roycrofters
Dec 1906Lucian H. DavisWhat Shall America Do With Her Criminals?
Dec 1906John C. DuffyThe Moors of Africa